Sunday, 1 February 2009

Monday Events - One State Solution Talk and Radical Reading Group

Just to let you know about two events coming up:

On Monday the Cambridge Palestinian Society are holding a debate: One-State Solution VS. Two-State Solution". The speakers are Prof Ilan Pappe, a professor of history at the University of Exeter and Prof. Yezid Sayigh, a professor at Kings College London who worked as a negotiator for the Palestinian Authority. Each will give their opinions, respond, and then open up discussion to the floor. See for event details.

And a message from Vito Laterza:

"We would like to revive the Autonomous Study reading group, as a place for reading and discussing radical literature and ideas. The reading group might also extend to include multimedia and other less 'literary' activities. We are meeting Monday 2th February at 7pm at the Clowns Cafe, 54 King Street to discuss the technicalities, how we want to organise the group, future times, venues, schedules, reading etc. Everybody welcome!

If you get lost or want to get in touch, please call Vito 07837814078
or Umut 07807010802"

On a separate note: we'll hope to move this blog to its own website soon, and continue to post events related to Gaza and activism. So please keep checking.


  1. That debate sounds like fun.

    Have you any idea of who Ilan Pappe might be, or more importantly, of his somewhat checkered reputation?

    Amongst other things he calls for a boycott of Israeli academics.

    Again, for what my advice is worth, do be careful of associating yourselves with extreme views. It undermines your credibility...what's left of it anyway.

  2. ChrisC, I agree entirely. As I had said in a previous post (which is no longer accessible from the right-hand menu), how can refusal to condemn Hamas be due to any reason other than the fact that there are those in the protest movement who tacitly support them?

    Hamas are NOT freedom fighters! They launch rockets from amongst their own civilians, using them as human shields. They then cry foul when Isreal retaliates. It is truly tragic that Israel kills so many civilians, but Hamas must share the blame for this.

    The Gaza Solidarity Movement's refusal to condemn Hamas rightly undermines their credibility.

  3. well observed viarecta. It amazing to see the similarity in those pictures.

  4. Great to see that you are keeping up the pressure.
    It would be great if you could publicize that Nottingham have been forcibly removed and Sheffield Hallam occupiers are to be suspended from uni.

  5. viarecta being the perfect example of the kind of views which destroy your credibility at a stroke

  6. Wrong ChrisC, so so wrong.

    Perhaps you would now care to comment on Irgun, Haganah, and the Stern Gang ChricC. I await your apologetics with anticipation.

  7. I am not, unlike yourself clearly, apologising for any terrorists.

  8. Perhaps you would care to condemn their actions then? And condemn their role in the creation of the state of Israel and condemn the way in which the state of Israel now vindicates the actions of these groups as the actions of 'freedom fighters' and validates them as such. Perhaps you would care to condemn Israeli state terrorism (see viarecta's link).

    A refusal to do this indicates your apologetics for terrorism.

  9. I am more than happy to condemn Irgun and their methods.

    viarecta's link however is, as I have already said, not exactly helpful to your case

  10. ChrisC did his part... Owen, are you now willing to condemn Hamas?

  11. BEING PRO-PALESTINIAN IS NOT SYNONYMOUS WITH BEING ANTI-ISRAELI, ANTI-ZIONIST (a sanitised way of saying anti-Semitic) or ANTI-JEWISH!!! Anyone who says otherwise has a political agenda beyond helping the Palestinians!

  12. Owen's gone now.

    Or perhaps he was the person who threw the shoe at the Chinese premier?

    No, that's a bit too brave for the "occupiers" I think.

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