Monday, 2 February 2009

Open Letter Communications

Please follow the link below to read exact transcriptions of the open letter communications that took place between Cambridge Gaza Solidarity and University authorities over the course of the occupation of the Law Faculty:

Cambridge Gaza Solidarity continues to assert that the situation in Gaza is critical, and demands immediate attention. As is evident in the University's open letter, they are unwilling to commit substantially to the educational rebuilding of Gaza and will not extend humanitarian aid to Gaza through a donation to a charitable organisation such as the DEC or UNWRA Gaza Appeals. Perhaps even more contentiously Cambridge University is clearly not willing to make better provision for ethical investment or end its direct and indirect investment in the arms trade.

For all these reasons Cambridge Gaza Solidarity believes that we need to continue campaigning to see positive benefits reach Gaza and its people on the ground. We thus move forward with a refocused set of goals (see the appropriate link to the right), and are currently organising a programme of events, talks and debates on the Israel/Palestine question and the current situation in Gaza, and will be fundraising for humanitarian aid to Gaza in the immediate future.

Stay posted to this site for new developments, information on our activities and dates for events and happenings. We hope that you will get involved with us and help make a positive difference in the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

-The Cambridge Gaza Solidarity Campaign

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  1. In response to the numerous queries we have had about how people can voice their sentiments to the university management, we suggest that people contact the university either through:

    - Calling the university switchboard directly on 0114 225 5555,

    - Sending an email to the following:

    Vice Chancellor's PA: FAO Phillip Jones

    Secretary's PA: FAO Liz Winders

    In order that we can verify numbers of people registering complaints/sentiments should the University prove unwilling to divulge this information, you may CC or BCC your message to, though there is no obligation to do so.