Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Solidarity with activists at Sheffield Hallam Uni

Students who occupied the Owen Building at SHU and were evicted and threatened with disciplinary action are asking for support. See details on their blog at


  1. Strathclyde University Occupied by Students

    Students at the Strathclyde University in Glasgow, Scotland have occupied the main administration building (McCance) in solidarity with the people of Gaza.

    UPDATE: The University has called in the police. Please express your support by publiczing this widely. Also call the protesting students on: 0759 5626057

  2. I saw breaking news yesterday on PressTV satellite station that students have occupied building in their uni, in Manchester, in solidarity with people of Gaza.

    Also, protestor in Sweden through shoe at visiting Israeli person, who had come to give a talk on the up and comming Israeli elections.

    Also, a humanitarian ship from Lebanon, carrying food, toys, and frozen plasma was fired on by Israeli navy, conviscated, and 10 people, peace activists, two ALJazeera journalists and a Palestinina Christian bishop, (expelled from his home land in the 70's, now in his 80's) were arrested by the Israelis, and shakled together by the ankles, then much later, released into Syria. The ship had all its control systems destroyed....I haven't checked the news to hear the latest on this issue. The Israelis released statement saying they found no arms on board. Last night Egypt closed the rafah border. Bargouti said this aggressive actions took place in international waters, and Lebanon should take consider it violation of intewrnational law. Arabic commentators and analysts said that that Israel was succeeding in isolating the Palestinians, to demoralise them, and make them accept Israeli conditions to end truce. They also said that they were further humiliating population, by making it feel it has NO FRIENDS IN THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY.

    Please could you join together with Stop the War, women in black etc, for a day of action, say a march and collection for DEC in Cambridge...please publisize early for us to get friends to come along...numbers are essential if we wish to get the message across...alternatively, could there be a sustained, saturday afternoon protest, until seige is lifted...the situation is SO DESPERATE, even more than when they were actually now the world is not watching at all.

    However, another update from information from INSIDE GAZA, is that residents are starting to collect pieces of unexploded devices, some of which are leaking white phosphorus...there is now a danger from many unexploded devices and mines, to the population, who are, in some cases, camping out on top of the rubble of their homes.

    Finally, I am meeting lots of people who feel very angry about what has been perpetrated on the people in Gaza, but they need to come together, somehow, as unity gives strength, and sustenance ti individuals. Please keep all this in mind when you plan any future actions, and keep us informed please.

    In solidarity with the students of Cambridge who stand for justice and freedom of OCCUPIED PALESTINIAN human beings. Again, this question needs to resonate around the world, 'Are the lives of Palestinians worth less than other people of this world' , this question was first asked during the 2006 war on Lebanon.

  3. Meanwhile the UN has halted aid shipments into Gaza as they are being stolen by Hamas.

  4. how can the elected government 'steal' aid? even if we view hamas as you do how can these big ol' bags of rice be used as weapons?
    By the way, well done in ignoring the fact that aid which would have reached palestinians and not go directly to hamas has been blocked by the isreali navy and humanitarian aid ships threatened with distruction if they dare to give palestinians food and medical supplies.

  5. Are you being deliberately obtuse?

    Hamas steals aid which it then sells in order to buy more weapons - a purpose of which you no doubt approve - and in order to distibute selectively only to its own supporters.


    Assemble 2:30pm Thursday 12th Feb at the HUBS, Sheffield Hallam Students Union, Paternoster Row.

    Hallam union has suspended Matt Vicary, Equal Opportunities officer afer he took part in demonstration of solidarity action at a recent NUS conference, demanding that NUS condemn Israels attacks on Gaza. The decision to suspend Matt was taken by 1 person - the president and was not up for discussion.

    Several students at Sheffield Hallam have been threatened with suspension because of their participation in the recent occupation of the university. The student union has refused to condemn this and refused to fight for its own members.We should fight for the type of union that promotes student activism - not bans it.

    Stand in solidarity with Matt and the students on Thursday. You can also join this Facebook group and send messages of solidarity:

    You can also email Russ Swannack, the union president, to express your sentiments:,

  7. ChrisC,
    Hamas do not represent the people of Palestine, they were elected as an act of desperation because they were the only party independent of outside influence.

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