Sunday, 1 February 2009

Gaza University Bombed - Response from University President.

In a press release, Dr Kamalain Sha'ath, the President of the Islamic University of Gaza announced to the world the extent of Israel's destruction of his University from the air on December 28. He pleaded that his message be 'spread wide and far', that:

'We therefore call upon all academics, faculty associations, student unions, professionals and colleagues at large to show their support and solidarity to the right of the Palestinians to education. Several positive worldwide steps have already been taken including boycotting Israeli academic cultural institutions and activities.

'Your solidarity and support for the right to education in Palestine is vital and highly appreciated.'

The shocking image he shows the world of destroyed University buildings jarring against another sunny photo showing how they would have appeared intact only a short month ago can only demonstrate yet further how pertinent, urgent, and necessary is campaigning in solidarity with the oppressed of Gaza. We stand with the President in his call.

-Cambridge Gaza Solidarity.

Here is a link to the entire press release:

The President provided a return point of contact at:


  1. hey! i want to write you because give our support manifest from Barcelona, we're by two month in our university.

  2. Please enlighten me as to the curriculum at the Islamic University of Gaza. I would honestly be fascinated to learn about it. Is it free and open learning? Because the manner in which it is spoken on this blog is as though it is on the same educational level as pertaining to freedom of thought, as western universities. My heart would warm if this was indeed the case.