Sunday, 25 January 2009

Cambridge Gaza Solidarity Campaign: Current Goals

The following is the current list of goals subcribed to by the Cambridge Gaza Solidarity Campaign, as derived from the original list of demands issued to Cambridge University at the beginning of the occupation of the Law Faculty:

  1. An organised Cambridge University and Colleges program of provision of academic aid, particularly books, computers and financial support to universities and educational institutions in Gaza.
  2. Development of a fundraising program for humanitarian aid in Gaza, as part of an ongoing Cambridge University and City commitment to financial support for the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.
  3. Developlment of a Cambridge University scholarship scheme for Palestinian students.
  4. Full disinvestment from the arms trade by Cambridge University and its Colleges, in cooperation with existing student lobbies and the Cambridge (and Colleges) Against the Arms Trade movement.

The occupation has ended, but the situation in Gaza is still critical. The Cambridge Gaza Solidarity Campaign has thus decided to continue our efforts to bring aid to Gaza, and the above list of goals constitutes the direction we will be taking in the immediate future and our new plan of action.

We will work to secure the academic aid and support for Gaza outlined in our goals through an organised campaign of fundraising, lobbying and events. We hope that Cambridge University, its Colleges and the City of Cambridge will partake in and support our campaign, but we are fully committed to achieving our goals through our own will and means, whether or not we receive institutional support.

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