Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Academic Support Continues

Dr Lucy Delap, Fellow and Director of Studies in History, St Catharine's
College, Cambridge has just written to offer her support for our protest and
wish us good luck.

Many thanks for your support Dr Delap!


  1. I can think of several academics at Oxbridge who don't. Do their views carry equal weight?

  2. And then get them to add their names to your previous remarks and then, yes, they will carry equal weight.

  3. Not prepared to. Several of them have received verbal abuse for their views, and at least one of them outright antisemitic threats.

    As it stands, all you can prove is that single figures of academics have supported this action. Pretty pathetic.

    Are you an academic? Are you risking anything?

  4. It is a disgrace that a Director of Studies is writing in support of a disruptive and illegal trespass.

    At least we can rest assured that letter writing is a far as she will go to support you.

  5. "Not prepared to."

    More utter nonsense from Alec, who, as he freely admits, is nowhere near Cambridge, yet claims to have privileged info about the mail inbox of several Cambridge academics. If Cambridge academics against the occupation were getting hate mail - firstly, how does Alec know? - secondly, how would anyone know who to send it to, given that they haven't yet made themselves public? - thirdly, I can assure you that if, as Alec claims, "at least one of them outright antisemitic threats" this would have been seized upon by Zionist media sources with abandon. It hasn't been.

    "Are you risking anything?"

    Is personal risk a precondition of showing solidarity in your strangely warped little mind-world?