Sunday, 25 January 2009

How you can help

In response to AJs post, we're putting some ways that you can help even if you’re not able to come to the law faculty.

Most importantly, you can donate to the DEC, the Disaster Emergency Committee. They’re a collection of major aid organisations working to help the situation in Gaza, and were recently refused permission by the BBC to air their appeal. The link is , and check out the rest of their website on for more information and ways to help. Consider complaining to the BBC as well; the full story can be found on Make yourself heard on their complaints website .

For first hand accounts of the situation in Gaza try looking at the B’tselem website.’re an Israeli human rights group with extensive experience covering Israeli-Palestinian conflict. You can also make a donation through their website.

Write to your MP asking them to express their support for the university occupations, and condemnation for Israel’s recent actions in Gaza. offers an easy way to find and contact your local MP. The MP for Cambridge is David Howarth, or you could write to your home constituency.

There are other demonstrations going on around the country. Support any ongoing occupations in other English universities, join the Stop the War Coalition for one of their upcoming marches, ( or start your own protest.

Those are a few ideas; there’s no shortage of websites, charities and demonstrations to join. If there are any major ones that we’ve missed out please post them in the comments.


  1. Money duly donated. Thanks for the links!

  2. Nineteensixtyseven. I found your posts interesting so decided to check your blogging profile. I wonder whether your interests are representative of supporters of this occupation:
    About Me
    Socialist, student, procrastinator.

    They suggest to me that your reasons for supporting the protest are a distaste of the liberal values which Israel strives to maintain. The fact that as a student you feel the need to seize upon any cause, regardless of its value. Finally, as a 'procrastinator' your desperate wish to avoid returning to reality.

  3. I am very proud of your resistance to media reporting of this "war" - and of your caring and principled response to the horrific suffering of Palestinians in Gaza.

    I wish you success in your demands.

    Yours in solidarity,
    Jane McCarthy
    Lancaster and District Coalition Against the War.