Saturday, 24 January 2009

Messages of Solidarity...

"Well done... please convey my best wishes and solidarity to your fellow students."
Rupert Read, Prospective MEP for the East of England.


  1. Each blog gets more organised and has a clearer message. Bloody well done from SOAS. We're all, including those that didn't occupy, a bit cheesed off that we gave in so quickly but we also recognise that the experience and training has been invaluable. And every day we learn something more from the next occupation.

    This is exactly what life should be about: collective learning and decision making. who says we can't do it ourselves?

    Solidarity from SOAS. Keep in there as long as you can. You will kick yourselves if you dont. Cambridge is one place that the media actually listen to and the longer you are in the more chance we have of getting the message out there. We need to all start contacting other countries and get them to do them same and more...and work place, we need political strikes. I'll get on to it...

    Vive la revolution. Good luck

  2. Message of solidarity

    Well done to all students at the University who have taken a stance in supporting the people of Gaza. I whole heartedly support the demands you are making and offer you any support I can.

    Tom Woodcock
    Secretary, Cambridge and District Trades Union Council