Friday, 23 January 2009

Cambridge Students Stage Peaceful Occupation in Protest of the Situation in Gaza

A group of more than one hundred Cambridge students are staging a peaceful occupation of the Cambridge University Law Faculty in protest of the situation in Gaza. The action is in solidarity with similar occupations at more than a dozen British Universities across the country, at which students are making demands of their institutions. These include: scholarships for Palestinian students, donation of educational materials to rebuild the Palestinian education system, divestment from the arms trade, and full access of humanitarian aid to Palestine.

Students are currently drafting their set of demands which will be published on this blog along with updates concerning the occupation.


  1. Solidarity from

    email lasthourssw[at]mail[dot]com with news and we will post it up!

  2. The occupation has already been covered on Indymedia Cambridge:

    as well as Indymedia UK:

    It has also started appearing on the political Blogsphere:

    Feel free to feature those on the occupation blog :-)

  3. Some first photos from the occupation:

    And also photos from the recent Cambridge demonstration in solidarity with Gaza:

  4. Linking up the UK occupations:

  5. Well done Cambridge, keep the occupations going and make sure your demands are met.

    Oxford student

  6. Solidarity from Warwick, well done!

  7. See if you can beat Oxford, we had most of our demands met after 7 hours!

  8. I can assure you that you are not embodying the 60s spirit. Firstly your cause is ill defined. Secondly, as a unit you were not able to agree on any list of aims, displaying the various prejudices which each of your hypocritical organisation harbours. Thirdly and most importantly you have organised your campaign to start at the weekend and finish by Monday morning intended to cause as little disruption as possible and so the majority of students have not even noticed your sit-in. A decision surely taken in order to save the skin of the protesters who are participating.

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