Wednesday, 28 January 2009

More support from the faculties.

From Professor Raymond Geuss: Faculty of Philosophy.

Dear all,

I would like to express my support for the action of the Cambridge Gaza Solidarity Occupation in attempting to increase public awareness of the plight of civilians caught up in the conflict in Gaza.

The peaceful expression of political opinions is an important social value. I have been especially impressed by the way in which the members of the group have tried to draw attention in a constructive way to an important political issue while at the same time permitting the unhindered operation of the university.

Tim Cribb (English Faculty) also shows his support for the campaign, most especially our hopes for a Palestinian scholarship programme.


  1. Oh dear, i wonder how long it'll be until this guy is labled as an anti-semite and a holocaust denier

  2. "permitting the unhindered operation of the university."

    Is this sarcasm?

  3. Sam, I can tell that you experience a warm tickle in your tummy whenever someone calls you an antisemite, but this will only become a possibility when the faculty members start comparing Jews to Nazis or making ahistorical remarks about the Holocaust.

    For the moment, I will only observe how few of them are prepared to actually risk their tenured position and juicy pay cheques and international jollies.

  4. Oh come on,

    "the plight of civilians caught up in the conflict in Gaza"

    hardly controversial! A very reasonable statement in fact :)

    And, as a law student, I've been working in the fac todays and in many lectures mon-wed so far and haven't felt disrupted a bit. I'm privileged to have such good facilities and if the price is that other groups see it as a useful place for lectures or occupations (or just those who come and use nadia's and the tables downstairs) fair enough!

  5. Here, here, Stop, Drop and Soul. An enlightened Cambridge law student. Perhaps you might care to make your views known to the Faculty.