Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Longest Cambridge Student Occupation

According to our research, the current occupation of the law faculty is the longest student occupation in the history of Cambridge (or at least since the sixties)!

Source: http://www.iankitching.me.uk/history/cam/stu70s.html


  1. This is exactly the kind of self-congratulatory post that makes people question the motives of your occupation.

  2. Wow, your research is doing wonders for the people of Gaza.

    Your research is making a difference to those suffering a humanitarian crisis at the hands of Hamas and Israel.

    Your occupation is also the longest runnig joke in the history of Cambridge.

    Give yourselves a pat on the back for that too and enjoy your yoga at the expense of other people's lectures

  3. Here is an edited version of a note emailed to Craig Murray following his gallant appearance at the entrance to the Law Faculty on the evening of 27th Jan.; this was as far as the Authorities would let him go...:-

    'Dear Mr. Murray-

    Thankyou so much for coming to address us in Cambridge in such unusual circumstances. (Incidentally, I hadn't realised till after your departure that you'd arrived straight from abroad.) Your ability to give such a thought-provoking talk without notes, whilst being breathed upon by security officials was quite a feat. What sang-froid!

    I attach 14 photos; alongside those which will give you such fond memories, I've included some taken inside the Faculty Building on Monday morning, before the ban on non-card-holders came into force. The scene you see in the lecture-theatre is a gathering of some of the occupying students discussing and voting on their next moves. (I was deeply impressed at the mature way they came to consensus on action.)

    I'm sorry that there are no photos showing the students you were addressing, but you'll appreciate that this was not feasible from my vantage-point.

    As you probably know, the students began their occupation on Friday (- and I looked in that evening before going to London for the weekend). I looked in again in the wee small hours of Monday upon my return; at 2 a.m., the occupiers were organising a ceilidh! They had their own excellent resident band and Molly, a Scottish student who's reading English at King's (- and is on our STW Committee) was teaching the moves to the dancers. (I took photos on my mobile for that and I'll happily send them to you separately if you wish.)

    Very few (- if any) law-students are involved in the occupation but the new Foster building was chosen as a goldfish-bowl of a structure with plenty of communal space. (Law students have been allowed to attend their lectures in the Faculty as normal.)

    Perhaps you have already looked at the occupiers' blogspot at http://cambridgegazasolidarity.blogspot.com/. I am sure this will give you plenty more detail should you require it.

    With renewed thanks, yours sincerely, Dennis O'Malley (- Cambridge STW and PSC)'