Tuesday, 27 January 2009

petty measures

Since we continue to maintain our occupation, in contravention of 'full and reasonable' requests to leave, the university decided yesterday to step up its campaign to get us out, decreeing that food isn't allowed into the building. Apparently health and safety considerations don't allow it. It doesn't make much difference to us, but we apologise to all the law students who are stopped and searched in the attempts to uphold this.


  1. And the people of Gaza are not allowed water, food, medicine, electricity etc due to israel.

  2. I think it's only fair to be clear on this as it would be incorrect to give the impression that the occupiers are being starved out by the uni. The occupiers are not being denied food, Nadia's (the very well stocked coffee shop in the area occupied by the protestors) remains fully open serving all sorts of food and drinks and all vending machines are still stocked and switched on. Law students were told by faculty staff this morning that the decision to prevent food being brought in to the building is to avoid the risks associated with food-preparation and cooking in a building never intended for this. The total ban on all foods is to avoid a further burden being placed on security staff to decide what is or is not acceptable to be brought in. This may seem a narrow distinction but as a law student it does make it a health and safety issue and a reasonable request that I do not mind at all.

  3. "And the people of Gaza are not allowed water, food, medicine, electricity etc due to israel."

    what a ridiculous and offensive parallel.

    symptomatic of the witless narcissism of the protesters over here, desperate to feel part of someone else's struggle.

    (also i think you mean 'owing to'.)

  4. have you got food there now? What a lawyer's distinction is drawn by putting-it straight - straight out of Dickens, that is!

  5. Oh come off it Juliet - no need to attempt to be offensive. I was simply pointing out the dishonesty of using emotive language to suggest the uni is starving the protestors when in fact they can at any time be munching on sandwiches or fruit or cake or pizza (the list goes on and on). They have access to food.