Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Negotiations continue

Just to keep you all updated; we decided that the University were unlikely to consent to conducting negotiations in public. We replied agreeing to have private discussions, and the first of these happened this morning. We're discussing the issues arising from that now, and we'll post again soon..


  1. Make sure that you have a full dabate around the results of the negotiation - the negotiators can easily become influenced by the tactics of the university negotiators (hence their reasons for refusing to discuss in open) and hence influence the room. Oxford they did this by the negotiator saying that it would have out of his hands at a certain time automatically and the person who's hands it would fall into was much more pushing for punishments. Our negotiators believed this and convinced the occupiers, I still think (although I wasn't given enough time to argue due to the time constraints the uni had imposed for us to withdraw) this was a tactic by the university and had no truth in it.

  2. Were the negotiations recorded somehow, or minuted?